How Long Does SEO Take To Start Working in 2020?

As an SEO company from the last five years, we always get a question "How Long Does SEO Take To Start Working? or How long will it take me to get ranked #1 for my keywords? "

The answer isn’t so simple, because SEO is a long process and the time it takes to see the results of your SEO works depends on several different factors such as Competition In Your Niche, Content should be SEO friendly, Quality Backlinks to Your Website, Age and Quality of the Website, Security of your website and many more factors.

What Are the Most Important SEO Ranking Factors?

  1. Competition In Your Niche
  2. When you want to rank your website higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you’ll need to beat out the other competitors.

    We have to do research for your niche and do a competitor analysis.

    If your main niche has low competition, you’ll be able to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in less time.

    But what if there's a lot of competition in your niche then you have to work hard and beat your every competitor.

    By doing SEO from the beginning, you’ll probably notice your rank increase. However, the closer you get to the first page of Google, the more difficult it’ll be to rank or beat each competitor.

    If you’re up against this situation, you’ve got a long way ahead of you.

  3. Content should be SEO friendly
  4. SEO is mainly based around good quality content and the use of keywords. So, it makes sense that writing more content allows you to use more keywords, thus improving your rank.

    Selecting longtail keywords is one of the best ways is to get great results in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and rank higher.

    But your content should always be good and quality written content. So, if you write quality content, your article will rank.

    But if you write irrelevant content to rank your site fast it will affect your website, this will slow down your SEO results.

    Writing regular, relevant and quality content that delivers on its promise builds trust in your website and helps your rank.

  5. Quality Backlinks to Your Website
  6. Backlink is one of the important factors to rank your site. But make sure you get authoritative backlinks because more authoritative backlinks that are linking back to your site, the better your website’s SEO will be.

    Low-quality Backlinks will affect your SEO results. So, make sure that your website only has quality backlinks.

  7. Age and Quality of the Website
  8. One ranking factor that Google watches is the age and quality of a website. So, if your website is brand new, it’ll take some months before you see any results because you don’t have a strong online presence yet.

    Having a site that loads quickly is a good start. You should also consider having an SSL certificate, which means your website is more secure and builds trust in your domain.

  9. Use Relevant Keywords
  10. Keywords are one of the important factors torank your site.

    So, use a keyword research tool like Google keyword planner that tells you, monthly search volume, about the competition that you’ll be facing. Another tip for finding the right keywords is getting ideas directly from your competitor.

    If the competition is high turn your current keyword list into longtail keywords, narrowing yourself down and weeding out the competition. By doing this it will be a great help you to rank your site.

  11. Make Your Website Responsive or Mobile-Friendly
  12. More than 52% of all web traffic around the globe is on mobile devices. You should make sure your website is mobile-friendly and responsive. If not then it will affect your SEO. So it’s necessary to be mobile-friendly and responsive.

  13. Speed Up Your Website Load Time
  14. The bounce rate or speed of your website has a large effect on your overall SEO, so getting your site speed up is essential.

    If your website is currently slow to load, try to make it fast which will probably give you some fast SEO results. You can do that by compressing your photos and removing unnecessary code from the page or website


You can’t exactly tell when you’ll achieve top ranking for your website or a particular keyword or topic. While many of us are eager and restless would like to see immediate results, SEO is often a long game but over time, you can get a better idea of how long it may take within your particular niche and rank your site.